Top 5 Adventure Games for the Quest 2

Top 5 Adventure Games for the Quest 2

Beat Saber is a rhythm game with a difference. Using your hands to cut blocks of color into an incoming music rhythm, it’s a hit that fits the Quest 2’s cord-free setup perfectly.

Capcom’s classic survival horror game translates well on the Quest 2, taking you into iconic locations without the need for a PC tethered to your headset. Red Matter also works well, delivering a tense outer space setting and series of escape rooms.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall puts you in the shoes of a warrior of old in this medieval-themed roguelike. The combat is deceptively simple and a ton of fun. You duel-wield weapons and can mix and match axes, swords, and claws. Each weapon has a different style of attack and a unique ability. Plus, each run has randomly arranged powerups, enemies, and rooms, so no two runs are alike.

Until You Fall is one of the best action games for Quest 2. The pulsing synthwave soundtrack keeps you pumped and the quick combat feels like a workout, especially if you’re trying to keep up with the beats and time your attacks just right. This is a great example of how VR can make a tried-and-true game genre feel fresh again.

Job Simulator

In a future where robots have taken over most of the world’s jobs, Job Simulator offers up entertaining physics-based silliness. Players can relive the glory days of work by performing four not-so-historically accurate simulations such as being a gourmet chef or working at a convenience store.

It’s a little light on story but it’s an ideal game for showing off what VR can do. Plus, the simple joy of using hands to stack, manipulate, and throw physics objects is inexplicably satisfying.

Although it requires a Link cable and a gaming PC, Valve’s classic Half-Life Alyx is worth the extra investment just to experience its spooky, post-apocalyptic City 17 in VR. Shoot, chuck, and prod your way through dangerous robotic enemies. This plucky roguelite dungeon crawler is a great fit for the Quest.

A Dark Matter

This moody puzzler from Fireproof Games takes full advantage of the immersive power of VR. Its unique puzzle mechanics, creative environments, and deep mystery make this one of the most compelling titles on the Quest store right now.

It’s not technically a Quest game, but it works just fine on the headset and is a must-own for anyone with a PC gaming rig capable of handling the 4v4 arena-scale action. It’s also a showcase for Doug Johnstone’s unerring ability to write believable and flawed characters that leave your heart in your throat.

There are a lot of great Quest 2 games out there, but if you want the most fully-featured experience, Population: One is the best battle royale on the platform. It’s intense, fast-paced, and a total blast to play.

Little Cities

A brand new city-builder for the Quest 2 has just hit the shelves, and it’s a good one. Published by nDreams, Little Cities puts you in control of the growth and evolution of a small town.

The game operates on a scalable isometric grid, and hand tracking makes it intuitive to navigate menus and place roads and buildings in your developing city. It’s an easy, cheerful and gratifying experience, especially if you play at roomscale and hook up external headphones for the best possible audio.

Beat Saber has become a bestselling VR hit for good reason, and its port to the Quest 2 is a great fit. If you enjoy music and rhythm games, this is a must-have. You can even play it with a friend and compare scores in the online leaderboards.

Until You Die

As its name suggests, Until You Die is a fast-paced shooter that lets players experience the thrill of combat on the Quest. However, it also adds an intriguing twist by introducing the ability to collect and use new weapons in exciting ways.

Unlike Space Quest and some of the early King’s Quest games, Death end re;Quest 2 has no annoying puzzles with a single solution. While there are a few sections that do focus on hitting control panel buttons in sequence, they’re generally more fun than the frustrating ones found in other games.

One of the most popular VR games ever released, Beat Saber takes a simple premise and turns it into an intense experience that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. Fortunately, the Quest’s cord-free setup makes it a perfect choice for this type of game.

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