The Evolution of Soccer Broadcasting

Big Tech and the Soccer Broadcast

It was just a few years ago that being a soccer fan in America was a lonely affair. But a desire for communal viewing experiences like watch parties and national team social media chats has brought soccer bars and virtual comms to life.

But these aren’t just a fad. Our GESM proprietary fan studies show that these second screen engagements are growing into the primary experience. 축구중계

Communal Viewing Experiences

ESPN+ streams all out-of-market MLS games and has rights to Bundesliga and La Liga. In addition to the live stream, match highlights and commentary are available on-demand. The platform also offers a subscription-based DVR capability.

The way soccer is televised engenders a method of understanding movement and corporeality that differs from cinema through the cutting and sequencing of footage and border moments. The commentators’ narrativizing practices also organize the action into visual principles that are retained by viewers.

A growing number of streaming services are leveraging the appeal of recognizable talent to turn regular soccer matches into engagement experiences. For example, CBS HQ hosted a watch-along with Jenny Chiu and Aaron West during PSG’s match against Barcelona in mid-February. This type of livestream leverages a player’s unique personality to create a one-of-a-kind experience. It was the third most-watched livestream in the channel’s history. It also boosted viewership of the live broadcast. 무료 실시간 tv 중계

Next Gen Soccer Broadcasts

The NextGen Cup, now in its second season, is that rarest of things: a genuinely good idea. Staged at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, the tournament pits youth teams from MLS clubs and European powerhouses against one another.

As the players line up for a team photo ahead of their match against Wolfsburg at Tottenham Hotspur’s spiffy suburban stronghold, the crowd inside the club’s PS45m training complex clatters with energy and expectation. The game, the first of this season’s NextGen fixtures, is an intriguing and revealing showcase for some of soccer’s brightest young talents.

Streaming services like Twitch and Sky in Germany are trying to attract younger audiences by experimenting with different production styles and formats. SVG Europe Editor Heather McLean sits down with Sky Deutschland’s Head of Sport Jo Osborne and Sky UK’s Senior Vice President of Sports Production Alessandro Reitano to discuss the fun and exciting ways they are introducing top-flight football to new viewers. nba무료중계

Next Gen Streaming Experiences

Soccer’s popularity in America has made the sport a prime target for Big Tech companies seeking to gain a foothold in the sports media market. But rather than competing with conventional broadcasters for sports media rights, these companies are collaborating with them to enhance their own digital offerings.

For example, when a match is livestreamed, fans have the ability to use second screen applications to look up stats, participate in polls, scroll social media or check betting odds. According to one of GESM’s proprietary fan studies, 80% of soccer fans engage in this type of behavior while watching.

As 5G technology becomes available it will further enable these types of value-added viewing experiences to be woven into the primary streaming experience. This will be especially true for augmented and virtual reality viewing experiences that can take advantage of the low latency of the new technology. This will allow for a more immersive and engaging viewing experience that may even compete with attending a real-life game. Next Gen Analytics

The traditional lean-back soccer watching experience will always exist, but the trend now is toward more personalized, socially-connected, immersive, and lean-forward engagements. The desire to watch with friends is a strong driving force that has given rise to soccer bars, U.S. National Team watch parties, and the use of chat platforms to connect like-minded fans.

The growing use of artificial intelligence in sports is changing the way we watch soccer. One example is Copenhagen-based Veo’s object-detection camera that can track players and the ball on the field for post-game analysis. The company’s software can process the footage and identify key events such as a scored goal. The resulting data can then be used to inform player performance and team strategy. MLS and Sportec Solutions are working to bring this advanced technology to fans through the relaunch of GameOn, which will include next-gen fantasy games featuring real-world LALIGA matchups. These will allow fans to win prizes such as cash, in-stadium tickets, signed merchandise and meet-and-greets with stars.

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