Playtime Redefined

Playing games together not only helps to build family bonding, but also promotes social and emotional skills. The summer is the perfect time for families to set aside special “playtime” to play together and learn new skills. These skills can include social-emotional vocabulary, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.카지노알값

This summer, the SINGULAR space returns to Paris with a selection of emerging brands that are reinventing the notion of branded leisure and playtime. Designed to feel like a pop-up store, visitors will be free to move and explore 10 innovative brands from a wide range of lifestyles and industries.

The playtime experience has been evolving over time as it has moved beyond the traditional playground. For example, the development of new playgrounds has focused on providing malleable resources for play such as boulders and tree stumps, in addition to more permanent artifacts such as a slides or climbing structures. These more flexible play spaces have been shown to support a wider variety of play scenarios than rigid structures that limit choice and can also facilitate more diverse forms of loose object play, which can be particularly challenging for young children. mlb중계

In this context, the urban Modernism of Playtime can be read as a prefiguration of current trends that facilitate the pivot from physical to virtual work and social environments that require technology. Silence dominates scenes in internal office environments, which can be contrasted with the hum of activity in the streets outside. Similarly, the old city of Paris is only glimpsed in the film, but its presence is fortified by references to monuments and reflections of their glass doors in internal windows.

The shattered glass door in the Royal Gardens Restaurant is an important moment in Playtime that encapsulates the schizophrenic dynamics of the film. It embodies the tension between the order of the daytime workplace and the disorder of the party at night, and between the internal and external spaces of the architecture.안전사이트

This dichotomy is echoed today as more and more offices have transitioned to virtual workspaces during the pandemic, and street traffic has disappeared as work takes place online. The pandemic can therefore be interpreted as an opportunity to reconsider the role of technology and its relationship to the built environment, much like Tati did with his earlier film Mon Oncle.