Adventure Time Games 3DS Review: Capturing the Rich World of Adventure Time

Adventure Time Games 3DS Review

The Adventure Time universe is a rich world that previous licensed games have struggled to capture. Thankfully, this game seems to do quite well with that.

Anyone who has ever played a top-down Zelda game will recognise the similarities; this game is almost a straight rip off of A Link to the Past in terms of gameplay.

Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!

When Finn and Jake wake up to find their trash has been stolen by the Ice King, they set out on an offbeat adventure to reclaim it across the Land of Ooo. Explore perilous dungeons and discover unimaginable treasures while fighting off baddies in this 2D action-adventure.

WayForward’s art style looks great, bringing the world of the show to life with bright colors and smooth animations. The top down gameplay makes it easy to move around the landscapes of the Land of Ooo, with combat taking place in a side view similar to Zelda II.

There are some cool touches like the high-energy battle music that clashes with the overly easy combat, but it feels like a game that could have been much better had the people in charge put a little more effort into it. The desperate or gullible will probably get some enjoyment out of this one, but everyone else should steer clear.

Finn & Jake Investigations

It’s time for Finn and Jake to get back to their roots as professional investigators! This story-driven graphic adventure takes players on a wild ride into the Land of Ooo where they’ll interrogate colorful characters, bust up goons in fast-paced combat, and solve a whole bunch of mind-bending puzzles.

The game features a top down view when exploring the Land of Ooo and an overhead perspective when in battle or crawling through dungeons. Its 2D graphics look very similar to the previous Adventure Time game last year, but are much more visually appealing.

The biggest draw of the game is probably going to be the world and cast of the show itself. This adventure will appeal to younger players and fans of the show. However, fans of adventure gaming might be put off by the button mashing fighting and lack of new gameplay elements. It’s still an enjoyable trip into the Land of Ooo, but it’s not a great Adventure Time video game.

Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest

When Beemo discovered that Finn and Jake hadn’t played his new video game, he decided to punish them by turning the entire Land of Ooo into one. Now, Finn and Jake must battle through worlds, defeat bosses, and find BMO to return the Land to normal.

The cartoon’s chirpy chiptune music and outrageous colour help make the first level of Epic Quest entertaining enough, but fighting enemies quickly becomes a paint-by-numbers affair that oozes tedium. In a half-hearted attempt to shake things up, the player is allowed to swap between Finn and Jake during combat, but outside some differences in attack strength and agility, this offers little more than a choice of avatars.

Featuring 28 levels of mayhem, Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest pits the heroes against loads of bad guys from the show (including Hug Wolf and Tree Witch) and four terrifying bosses. Players can collect secret spells to unleash algebraic attacks like NEPTR, Jake’s Pups, and Knife Storm.

Rock Bandits

Developed by WayForward Technologies, this action-adventure immerses players in the Land of Ooo as they fight enemies and solve puzzles throughout a variety of challenging dungeons. The game features an impressive array of beloved characters from the show and a captivating storyline that draws on the series’ distinct humor.

Another 2D platformer, this time starring Finn and Jake, challenges fans to run, jump, smash, glide and sword-slash their way through 20 levels across the Land of Ooo. The game boasts a unique twist on the genre and is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

DMs can take their PCs on a wild adventure thanks to Black Rock Bandits, a 30 page D&D adventure for six level 1 PCs. It comes with a full color battlemap and pregens, making it ideal for conventions or other one-shot adventures. The game is available for $2.99 on RPGNow.

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